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Citizens connected in community
and empowered to make a difference


Democracy Matters

Our democracy depends on citizens who are connected in community and empowered to make a difference. By engaging in positive, respectful civic activity and conversations, we make the country stronger. 


BriteHeart was founded in 2017 on this principle. We use the arts to create opportunities for people to exercise their civic power in unique and creative ways. By creating strong connections and meaningful engagement, we empower citizens to build on the better angels of our national history and take the future in their hands. 

Youth Attitudes



Feel Young People Have the POWER to CHANGE Things

Our Mission

Your Voice Matters

We promote civic participation and awareness  with the emphasis on the importance of voting in casual and intimate settings. We take the COMPLICATED out of civics and put the COMMUNITY back in.

BriteHeart Mission

BriteHeart strengthens communities and our democracy by encouraging citizen participation and civic pride through discussion and arts-centered events and initiatives.

BriteHeart Values

  1. We are all equal under the law.

  2. Voting is vital to the preservation of democracy.

  3. Every citizen shares the privilege and responsibility to engage.

  4. Freedom of speech, assembly, and press are essential to free society.

  5. Participation is critical to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Election Day

Get Involved

Our Community

This movement is for educators, white and blue collar workers, students, red, blue, purple, green and everything in between. We are busy enlisting a group of motivators to inspire you.


We hope this will give you the spark of inspiration you need to join with us, as we move forward, together.


Media + Social

Citizens Revival:  A Short Documentary on the State of American Democracy


Let’s Do This! 


Are we getting the government we deserve when so many of us are uninformed or uninterested in the democratic process? 


So many lack trust in our institutions, norms and leaders.  Young people may be the most skeptical as evidenced by their low participation rate as measured by voting percentages.   


The film/docu-series will explore the causes of this dysfunction and some ideas for reviving our civic life.

Watch The Teaser

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Support Our Mission

If you are interested in supporting our film efforts, we are partnering with our friends at This Is Noteworthy who are helping us spread the word about civic participation.


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A 501 (c) (3) Organization


Citizens Revival Merch





Fireside Chats

Let's have a listen to how local, regional and national activists activate and get communities involved in participating in our democracy


Civic Circles

Art installations anyone? This is a day of creativity that will not be soon forgotten. Lets see how many ways we can make civics fun & educational.


Voting is Vital

Let's get together for early voting registration drives and activation.


Harmony on the Horizon

Join us with some of our favorite musical acts for a night celebrating our mutual hope for our country's success.

Watch This Space For Future Events